An examination of the objectives, key techniques and achievements of work on artificial intelligence in Computer Science.


  • Website under construction.
  • Course content update being done using ACM "Computer Science Curricula 2023" (version gamma, August 2023) website extracted AI section
  • Course material posted on this course website.
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  • Exams/Assignment/Project Submission/Grading via D2L
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  • Lectures begin on X, X Xth, 2024
  • Last day to drop is X, X Xth, 2024
  • Lectures end and last day to withdraw is X, X Xth, 2024
  • CPSC 433 L01 XX XX:XX-XX:XX


  • Tutorials will begin on Monday/Tuesday, X X/Xth, 2024
  • The main goals of the tutorials will be to help you in more deeply understanding the concepts presented in the lectures (providing more examples) and with your assignment.
  • CPSC 433 T01 XX XX:XX-XX:XX
  • CPSC 433 T02 XX XX:XX-XX:XX
  • CPSC 433 T03 XX XX:XX-XX:XX
  • CPSC 433 T04 XX XX:XX-XX:XX
  • CPSC 433 T05 XX XX:XX-XX:XX

Office Hours

  • XX XX:XX-XX:XX or setup via email (info in D2L Content)

Important Dates

  • Term Break: Sunday-Saturday, X X/Xth, 2024. (no lectures or tutorials)
  • University Closed for Truth and Reconciliation Day X, X Xth, 2024. (TODO: Consequence)
  • University Closed for Thanksgiving Day X, X Xth, 2024. (TODO: Consequence)
  • University Closed for Remembrance Day X, X Xth, 2024. (TODO: Consequence)
  • Midterm Exam: X, X Xth, 2024. [TODO:in/out-of-class activity?]
  • Final Exam: X, X Xth, 2024. [TODO:in/out-of-class activity?]


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  • Use your UofC Account to access Tophat, not a computer science, former institution, or prior high school account.

Textbook Resources (Optional)

  • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach 5e
    • Author: Russell Norvig
    • ISBN: 9780134610993
    • Optional: For those who appreciate another resource. Taught material diverges from this source.
    • Version 3e/4e likely just as good for your purposes.

The due dates for the projects/assignments can be found in the Assignments sections of this page.

Support Materials


  • TODO: Update for Fall 2024

Guidelines for Academic Misconduct