Rep Plus 2.0 Released

Today we released the much awaited V2.0 of Rep Plus. This is an important release for Mac users as it is a 64-bit app that runs under Catalina and Big Sur, and is also available natively compiled for Apple's new M1 ARM chip. In addition it has been notarized by Apple so that it will install without having to use System Preferences to override security. It is also compiled as a 64bit app for Windows, and has enhanced features for all platforms that are documented in the release notes and manuals.

PrinGrid can now compute a Voronoi diagram to cluster the elements in a principal components analysis. A Voronoi diagram divides a space of plotted locations into polygons enclosing each location such that each point within the polygon is closer to that location than to any other location. This provides a visual clustering on a principal components analysis that does not interfere with the original plot, is easy to understand, and provides new insights into the relations between the elements. In recent years Voronoi diagrams have become popular in the conceptual spaces research community, and provide further support for studies of Kelly’s notion of psychological space.

Classes in RepGrid can be exported not only as textual descriptions, but also as logical expressions and as graphical conceptual nets in RepNet. The nets can run the CNet scripts to exhibit anticipatory behaviour. This provides further support for research involving Kelly’s theories of anticipation, predication and action, and their links to studies of artificial intelligence.

Textual analyses are output as styled text/tables in RepDoc, a new document processing application that is part of Rep Plus. RepDoc is similar to standard word processors in supporting pagination, typographic styling, tabs and soft returns, tables and embedded figures. It stores documents in a human-readable XML format, and exports them through copy/paste and drag/drop in RTF that can be read by most document processors such as Microsoft Word. Both textual and graphic analyses can be pasted or dragged to a RepDoc document used, for example, as a research notebook.

WebGrid also supports the new RepGrid analyses such as Synopsis and Voronoi diagrams.

The RepGrid, RepGrids, RepNet, and RepServe manuals have been updated, and a new manual issued for RepDoc. The RepGrid and RepGrids manuals have been greatly expanded to be more tutorial and incorporate additional research material and citations. The RepServe manual describes how to offer WebGrid securely over the Internet. We are also working on an updated manual for RepScript, and new manuals for WebGrid and CNet.

Many thanks to the beta test users who have provided so much useful feedback.