WebGrid Servers

The following WebGrid Plus servers are currently publicly available and may be used freely without registering or requesting permission.

Faculty of Education, University of Victoria, Canada


EILab, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada


Please note that all your grid data is stored in your own web pages, not at the server, and you need to save those pages on your local machine to preserve your data.

Moving Grids Between Servers

The WebGrid Plus servers provide an upload option which allows a grid saved from one server to be uploaded to another. In addition, a WebGrid page saved as HTML can be edited to call upon an alternative server as described below.

When you open a saved WebGrid page containing your grid it automatically connects to the server that you were using to save it. If you saved the page as HTML source then you may edit this to connect to a different server.

The second line of your file contains the URI for the WebGrid server, e.g.:-

        <html><head><base HREF="http://webgrid.nsuem.ru/WebGrid/">

Just edit the URI to that of another server, e.g. to:-

        <html><head><base HREF="http://webgrid.uvic.ca/WebGrid/">

and save the file. It will connect to the specified server when you open it.