Customizing WebGrid

WebGrid pages are generated through scripts that are readily changed to present alternative capabilities to the users.

For example, some researchers have developed scripts that present simplified pages with larger typefaces for use in studies with children. Others have translated the WebGrid dialogue into their national languages for use by those not fluent in English.

The WebGrid server is part of the freely available Rep Plus software so that one can experiment with scripting on one's local computer, and develop versions of WebGrid customized for one's own studies.

These customized versions are easily used on a local intranet such as that of a computer laboratory or classroom. They may also be made more widely available on a Windows server accessible through the Internet.

Setting up an Internet server usually requires support from an institution's IT Services who are naturally concerned about security issues. WebGrid was designed to be defensive against security breaches. It has been tested by IT Services at a number of institutions and found to be secure if the procedures detailed in the RepServe manual are implemented.

WebGrid is also designed to support multiple scripts and it is possible to host customized versions on the existing Internet servers without it interfering with the normal operation.

Contact us if you need help with developing scripts, have customized versions you would like to run on an existing server, or your IT Services have questions about setting up a WebGrid server at your institution.