Wayne Eberly

A Recent Picture

Professor, Department of Computer Science
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T2N 1N4

Office: ICT 613
Telephone: (403) 220-5073
Email: eberly@ucalgary.ca
URL: https://cspages.ucalgary.ca/~eberly/

Research and Teaching

In the past, my research has concerned the design and analysis of algorithms for computations in computer algebra.

Teaching has included topics in the design and analysis of algorithms and in theoretical computer science.

As for the future? The pandemic brought opportunities along with challenges. We’ll see where things go.


I have let it be known that I should update my business cards to add “addled old fart” to my list of duties. Many organizations have them. The argument can be made that they serve useful roles. I have decided to own it.

It is possible that I also have an interesting sense of humour.

Oh, yes, I have held a variety of service roles in support of undergraduate instruction, over the years. Support for “academic integrity” is a current focus.


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Research Readings on Analysis of Algorithms CPSC 351
Fall 2024
CPSC 513/601.08
Fall 2024