About the book

Peeking into Computer Science is an alternative computer literacy book. Unlike existing introductory computer science books for non-majors, the book emphasizes problem-solving using an algorithmic approach and covers basic computer science topics in depth. Each chapter in the book is a crash course on a core computer science topic, covering the subject in reasonable detail. Yet, it is very accessible since it does not assume advanced background on behalf of the reader. The book is self-contained: it includes the mathematical basics required for the covered material. See the excerpts below for more information.

Package ISBN 10: 0130389463
Package ISBN 13: 9780130389466

Publisher: Pearson Lerning Solutions
Publication Date: August 2010

Source Files & Support Material


Microsoft Excel

A couple of Microsoft Excel files used in the book as examples

Download only

Microsoft Access

A Microsoft Access 2007 database with all SQL query examples from the book

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All Alice programs used in the book and "how to" videos


Support Web site


All Jython programs used in the book (first edition only)

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Lab Manual

Lab Manual Page