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Theatrical Interests


Some Plays written by Brian Wyvill

Thirteenth Night
Thirteenth Night awaits its world premier.  Interested Producers please contact me.

Belle and the Bet
Belle and the Bet premiered in Canmore Thu Nov 16, 2000.   Interested Producers please contact me.

The Outhouse(with Shawna Mahoney and John Burke)
The Outhouse was performed for the 1998 Alberta One Act Play Festival in Canmore, Alberta.

The Wizard of Os
The Wizard of Os was first performed for the department of computer science at the University of Calgary in December 1990.   A second performance was staged in December 1999.

Photos from the 1999 Wizard of Os production.

Some Stories written by Brian Wyvill

Green Wings. 
Just a story I used to tell to my children when they were a little younger.

Watch this space for more.