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 Current work is best found from the jungle pages where people and  projects are listed.

PhD Students
Robson Lemos (graduated 2004)
Callum Galbraith (thesis in write up stage)
Pauline Jepp
Jeff Mahovsky
Erwin de Groot
Kevin Foster (in process of transfer from MSc to PHd)

Masters Students
Alton Yu
Ryan Schmidt

Implicit Tutorial

Work includes the iumplicit surface system the blobTree, sketch based modelling projects, and NPR projects. (see papers).

The BlobTree (Brian Wyvill) Interactive SoftEd (Andy Guy)
Candle using the BlobTree (Eric Galin) blobTree example (Brian Wyvill)
Stamingo (Andy Guy)

2D texturing of implicit surfaces - Mark Tigges

2D Texturing Improved Texturing Method
Fixing a problem with texturing of CSG junctions. The latest from Mark Tigges.