After obtaining a doctorate in Computer Graphics in 1975, I was granted a Research Fellowship at the Royal College of Art in London where I worked on a computer animation system. Colin Emmett and I used the system for a project for the BBC, and in the Twentieth Century Fox film, "Alien" (a very early example of computer animation in a Hollywood movie.) I then spent four years as an industrial consultant working with organisations such the British Home Office and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.

Since the early 1980's, together with my students and fellow researchers, including my brother, Geoff Wyvill , we have built up the Graphicsland research group at the University of Calgary, computer science department. We have been working on a variety of projects centred around the theme of computer animation. In 3D modelling we have designed methods for interacting and rendering implicit surfaces. We call these models SOFT objects, since they are very useful in animation for representing deformable surfaces and even 3D cartoon like characters. Our group was greatly enhanced by the arrival of my friend and colleague, Przemek Prusinkiewicz , the group was re-christened: The Graphics Jungle,

Recent work has been in conjunction with Kees van Overveld has been on various aspects of modelling and animation, in particular with implicit surfaces. A new book will be published in 1997 on implicit surfaces, with contributions from myself and a variety of authors including Jim Blinn. The book is edited by Jules Bloomenthal.