Assignment One: Project Proposal   Due Date:  13 October 2006

Format of proposal:


One word title - make it catchy !


This can be longer and more descriptive.

write this last and make it a brief summary of the proposal

State the problem and an outline of your proposed solution.

Previous Work
What have others done towards solving this problem

Your Solution (The "meat")
Sections here typically describe the data structures the algorithms
the user interface and other technical details of your solution.
Where you don't the answer to technical problems explain how you are
going about seeking a solution.

give a plan for finishing the project by the end of the Winter term.

This will be brief in the proposal but expanded to summarise
your results in the interim and final reports.

Use Latex and Bibtex and this part is easy.
There are many online bibliographies in Latex format to search e.g. for
graphics at

For information on Latex see the format page.